Crossing of Victoria Harbour on a Star Ferry

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World Star Water Tour is a brand new distinctive service for tourists and locals to explore the beauty and adventure of Hong Kong’s waters on its newly transformed water ferry.

“World Star” is an environmentally friendly ferry making use of the latest low emission technologies. It runs a distinctive tourist service of which it is no longer restricted to ply within Victoria Harbour ; World Star will ply beyond Victoria Harbour and bring tourists and locals to different destinations in Hong Kong’s waters via an unprecedented route.

The World Star was originally the ferry boat running the Wanchai-Hunghom route. Co-funded by the Pilot Green Transport Fund of the Environmental Protection Department, it has been given a new life and become Hong Kong’s first diesel-electric powered ferry. World Star is now an eco-ferry after the successful transformation, bringing about substantial reduction in emission but higher propulsion efficiency.

The transformation reduces substantial smoke values and 95% sulphur dioxide, and its diesel power generators meet the requirements of US EPA Tier 3 standards of which their NOx emission are 112% lower than the tier 2 models.

The “Star’ Ferry has long been acclaimed as one of the icons of Hong Kong. It has received numerous awards and recognitions from authorities and international media for its unique style and experience - TripAdvisor, has awarded a certificate of excellence to Star Ferry for two consecutive years, National Geographic listed it as one of the “50 places of a lifetime” and it was named among the “31 Reasons We Should All be Living in Hong Kong”.