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Passenger Guide

(1) Do not board or alight when gangplanks are not lowered.
(2) Passengers should board or alight at specified gangplanks only.
(3) Beware of a moving gangplank while boarding or alighting.
(4) Do not stand on upper deck or a staircase. Remain seated when the ferry is berthing.
(5) Do not put any part of your body out through the bulwark.
(6) Keep the pier and ferry clean.
(7) Do not eat or drink.
(8) Do not smoke at pier and on board on a ferry.
(9) Only parcels or luggage of sizes less than or equal to 40cm x 40cm x 17.5cm are allowed on board.
(10) Do not bring any animal or poultry onto the ferry (provided that this restriction shall not apply to a guide dog accompanying a blind or visually impaired person).
(11) Tender exact fare.
(12) Two children with heights less than 95cm, accompanied by a fare-paying passenger and not occupying a seat can travel free of charge on regular services.
(13) Passengers aged 65 or above (upon production of Hong Kong Senior Citizen Cards or equivalent proofs of age for non-Hong Kong residents) and using Personalised Octopus Cards or Elder Octopus Cards are entitled to free ferry rides.
(14) The scheduled ferry frequency may be adjusted subject to harbour traffic conditions.
(15) Passengers should not board a ferry when it is full or reaches its licensed carrying capacity.
(16) Passengers should not lay down or put their feet on the seats.
(17) Passengers should keep clear of shipsides, mooring bollards and ropes while mooring operations are in progress.

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