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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

The “Star” Ferry Company, Limited (known as Star Ferry hereafter) operates two franchised ferry services with reputable quality and is widely recognized as one of the major icons of Hong Kong. The Star Ferry’s service was named by the National Geographic Traveler as one of the fifty places in a lifetime in 1999. Star Ferry’s commitment to provide quality, economic, safe and efficient services has never changed since its establishment in 1898. Apart from upholding its iconic value, Star Ferry will continue to strike a balance between the economic, social and environmental needs in the community that it serves.

Star Ferry’s vision is to become one of the leading corporate citizens among all public transport operators in Hong Kong.

Key Drivers

Corporate Governance

Star Ferry will continue to maintain regular communications with the regulatory bodies and the public to ensure high level of operating transparency. Regular meetings will be held with the Transport Department and operational information will be provided on regular basis as required in the Franchise. Operational and financial information of the franchised services will be published and distributed to the public each year to enhance the understanding of the public on the Company’s operating performance. As a member of the Wharf Group, regular review and audit on internal control procedures would be maintained to fully comply with the regulatory requirements.

Product & Services

Star Ferry is committed to provide economic, safe, reliable and efficient ferry services to its passengers. The well-established preventive maintenance program will be continued to ensure the safety and reliability of the ferry operations. Trainings for all levels of staff will be continued to further enhance its service level to the passengers. Annual passenger survey will be continued to gauge the performance of its service level and improvement measures will be introduced to address constructive ideas coming from the survey.


Star Ferry believes staff is one of the vital elements contributing to its success. Star Ferry values every single employee and believes offering them a desirable, safe working environment and smoke-free workplace aids to realize their full potentials at every level and hence various training programs will continue to be offered for service level improvement. Work safety is another major area that we emphasized. A safety management system is in place and will continue to evolve in the years to come. We observe equal opportunity practices and will ensure no discrimination of any nature would happen in the workplace. Star Ferry has also pledged its support on the minimum wages movement as initiated by the government.

Community Involvement

Star Ferry has been qualified as a Caring Company for more than ten consecutive years since 2003 and has been contributing to the society in various forms, either in cash or in kind. Corporate volunteering team was established to offer assistance to those who are less fortunate. Other than charity, Star Ferry has been working closely with Kadorie Farm & Botanic Garden and Tai Po Environmental Association on the promotion of organic plantation as well as a supporter on fair trade promotion in Hong Kong. Star Ferry will continue to explore opportunities to work with all other NGOs and registered charitable groups to make use of the space available in the Central Star Ferry Piers to promote their services and to bring more people to the waterfront for the enjoyment of Victoria harbour which is the most important natural asset of Hong Kong.

Environmental Protection

Star Ferry is committed to investing in environmental protection measures that goes with regulatory compliance. Other than tackling the subject of emission reduction on its own fleet, Star Ferry has been actively promoting the energy conservation education program by joining hands with the Kadorie Farm & Botanic Garden for the year long “LOHAS Square” campaign with the goal to remind Hong Kong citizens that we can all contribute to the reduction on carbon emission either directly or indirectly. Star Ferry has started to adopt the energy saving lighting system at all piers and will continue exploring other opportunities to promote the initiatives of environmental protection with other NGOs for the benefits of the community.

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